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BC Library Conference Code of Conduct

The BCLA Conference Code of Conduct (CCoC) reflects that the Association may offer an in-person and/or virtual conference. A CCoC Committee is struck every year in advance of the conference. The committee includes the Association President, Incoming President, Treasurer, Incoming Treasurer, and Executive Director.

The 2024 Committee members are:

Tracey Therrien, President (Chair)
Suzanne Rackover, Incoming President
Sarah Felkar, Treasurer
Sajni Lacey, Incoming Treasurer
Rina Hadziev, Executive Director

Process for CCoC (approved April 16th, 2019)

When the annual conference is in-person BCLA sets up an office at the conference venue. At the request of any conference attendee or participant staff at the office will contact CCoC committee members. The President and Executive Director can be reached directly through hotel reception when the conference office has closed. For a fully virtual conference any attendee or participant can contact the Executive Director or have a staff member (Manager and Project Coordinator) contact a CCoC member for them.

Thank you to the many BCLA Board members who contributed to the Code of Conduct and to the many organizations whose Codes of Conduct provided a foundation for BCLA’s Code.