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Strategic Plan

The three strategic priorities, and their associated goals, result from member and partner consultation. At the direction of the BCLA Board, this plan guides the work of the organization and informs the annual operating plan.

BCLA is committed to recognizing and valuing the ongoing work of meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous people as addressed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report and in the Calls to Action (English) (French). BCLA supports this commitment through action and collaboration across BC libraries, archives, and cultural memory institutions.

Active Engagement: Initiate and support dialogue with the library and broader community to discuss emerging issues and to advance the values and core principles of libraries

  1. Expand BCLA’s communication channels to raise the profile, and increase connections, within and beyond the library sector.
  2. Strengthen BCLA’s advocacy voice by building and sustaining relationships with government and allied partners to advance libraries together.

Responsive Professional Development: Facilitate and deliver expanded knowledge and skills training that appeals and is accessible to members of the BC library community

  1. Promote and expand a progressive BC Library Conference that appeals to a diverse range of professions across library sectors.
  2. Deliver innovative training and professional development opportunities that contribute to the development of the professional practice.
  3. Transcend geographic barriers enabling more members of the library community to participate in knowledge sharing.

Effective capacity building: Increase the resiliency of the Association to better meet the needs of the library community

  1. Identify and pursue new funding sources to increase the Association’s operational budget.
  2. Create a three-year plan for office space and IT infrastructure to anticipate future needs of BCLA’s administrative hub.
  3. Develop and implement a strategy to increase the number of BCLA members by demonstrating the value and relevancy of the organization.

The Strategic Plan is in effect until the BCLA AGM 2025.