British Columbia Library Association

Policies, Guidelines, and Terms of Reference


BCLA Privacy Policy  (approved February 4th,  2022)

BCLA Social Media Policy 2017  (approved December 4th 2017)



Using BCLA Lists — Research (approved September 24th 2018)

BC Library Conference Code of Conduct (rev. December 9, 2020)

BC Library Conference Code of Conduct Committee, 2022

Todd Mundle, President
Tracey Therrien, Incoming President
Anne O’Shea, Treasurer
Donald Taylor, Incoming Treasurer
Rina Hadziev, Executive Director


BCLA Board Governance Policies: (approved December 9, 2020)

  1.   Terms of Reference
  2.   Code of Conduct
  3.   Confidentiality Policy
  4.   Conflict of Interest Policy
  5.   Investigation and Discipline Policy

BCLA Policy on Job Postings (rev. September 2007)

Terms of Reference 

Template for BCLA Terms of Reference
BCLA Board Nominations Committee Terms of Reference (approved February 26, 2021)

BCLA Board Resolutions Committee Committee Terms of Reference (approved February 26, 2021)

BCLA Board Awards Committee Committee Terms of Reference (approved February 26, 2021)

BCLA Climate Action Committee (approved April 9, 2021)

BCALS Terms of Reference (approved December 10, 2020)

IFC Terms of Reference (approved February 5, 2021)

PLIG Terms of Reference (approved April 9, 2021)

Lois M. Bewley Intellectual Freedom, Education and Defense Fund Terms of Reference (approved February 5, 2021)

YAACS Terms of Reference (approved February 2, 2022)