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Policies, Guidelines, and Terms of Reference

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BCLA Privacy Policy (revised September 22, 2023)

BCLA Social Media Policy 2017  (approved December 4th 2017)

BCLA Policy on Job Postings (revised September 2007)


BCLA Online Community Guidelines (established December 2022)

BCLA Honorarium Guidelines (established November 2023) (PDF version)

Equity Pricing Registration Fee Model (established February 2024) (PDF version)

BC Library Conference Code of Conduct (rev. January 27, 2023)

Using BCLA Lists — Research (approved September 24, 2018)

BCLA Board Governance Policies (approved December 9, 2020)

  1.  Terms of Reference
  2.   Code of Conduct
  3.   Confidentiality Policy
  4.   Conflict of Interest Policy
  5.   Investigation and Discipline Policy