2023 BC Library Conference


April 12, 2023 – April 14, 2023


Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel


7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

Sheraton Hotel

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Past Conferences

The annual BC Library Conference is the work and responsibility of the British Columbia Library Association and serves as the most important aspect of the Association’s commitment to professional development for members and the library community. BCLA mounts the annual conference to share the latest information and research in the library and related fields.

Our intention is to create a space for discussion and debate that is also a space for conversation and connecting with colleagues. The BC Library Conference provides opportunities to learn, consider, and reflect on the philosophy, work, and services of libraries. We want the outcome of every conference to be stronger institutions and stronger individuals.

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2012   Licence to Read (Richmond)
Keynotes: Joel Bakan, Ingrid Parent, Dr. Michael Geist

2011   Celebrating a Century of Association (Victoria)
Keynote: Paul Whitney

   Seriously Entertaining: Learning Through Fun & Games (Penticton)
Keynote: Tim Ellison

2009   Be Curious: Think, Share, Discover (Burnaby)
Keynotes: Michael Stephens, Henry Yu

2008   Off the shelf & out of the box: Creativity in libraries (Richmond)
Keynote: Fred Kent

2007   Beyond 20/20: Envisioning the Future (Burnaby)
Keynote: Steven Berlin Johnson

2006   Sharing a Vision: The Power of Collaboration (Burnaby)
Keynote: Glen Murray

2005   From scrolls to eBooks: the story continues… (Burnaby)
Keynote: Joel Bakan

2004   Joint with CLA: Celebrating Our Community: Sharing Our Values ~ Sharing Our Value (Victoria)
Keynotes: Michael Gorman, Bill Richardson

2003   Hot Ideas! (Harrison Hot Springs)
Keynote: Mike Eisenberg

2002   Trek to Technology? (Whistler)
Keynote: Michael Gorman

2001   A Learning Odyssey (Burnaby)
Keynote: Lotsee Patterson

2000   Celebrating Excellence (Kelowna)
Keynote: Ken Haycock

1999   Imagination in Action (Richmond)
Keynote: Kaycee Hale

1998   Joint
Keynote: John Ralston Saul

1997   Vital Connections: Libraries & Communities (Surrey)
Keynote: Rex Murphy

1996   Ensuring Our Future: Libraries Working Together  (Whistler)
Keynote: Roch Carrier

1995   Putting People First (Victoria)
Keynote: Elizabeth Marinez

1994   Joint with CLA (Vancouver)

1993   Bridging the Gap (Pentiction)
Keynote: Herbert S. White

1992   Making the Connection (Whistler)
Keynote: Ray Spaxman

1991   In the Human Cause (Vancouver)
Keynote: Ursula Franklin

1990   Working in Interesting Times (Victoria)
Keynote: Alan Borovoy

1989   Building Linkages (Penticton)
Keynotes: Margaret Chisholm, Sharon Wood