At the 2020 AGM, BCLA passed a resolution titled Campaign for political action to combat discrimination and hate directed at equity-seeking groups.

As proposed in the resolution, BCLA has sent letters to federal and provincial politicians making it clear that library staff and users from equity-seeking groups encounter hate and discrimination in libraries and requesting both levels of government to undertake further research and consultation to identify effective measures to build a more inclusive society, both online and in our public spaces.

Text of the federal letter and list of recipients

Text of the provincial letter and list of recipients

The federal letter has been shared with CFLA with a request for their support, as outlined in the resolution. The letters, and invitations to send their own letters, have also been shared with members of The Partnership, the BC Public Library Partners and the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia.

The BCLA Board encourages BCLA members to send their own letters advocating for government support in finding effective solutions to hate and discrimination. We know that multiple voices are the best way to draw political attention and increase the likelihood of political action.