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Continuing Education Opportunities & Recordings

BCLA supports the ongoing acquisition of skills and knowledge for personal and professional development and for career advancement. Please review the Professional Development priority, which highlights the full range of opportunities that we support and follow the BCLA Professional Development Forum for updates and dialogue. Visit the BC Library Conference page for information about this annual event, including scholarships.

Current and Upcoming

Intellectual Freedom: Practical Tools Series

BCLA is collaborating with Courthouse Libraries BC on a free series that highlights practical tools related to intellectual freedom for libraries facing public challenges to their collections and programming. We begin with the Centre for Free Expression on Thursday, June 27th at 1pm-2:30pm on Zoom, followed by sessions in July with the BC Human Rights Commissioner on hate speech, and legal resources with Adrienne Smith (they/them/lel), a transgender human rights activist and social justice lawyer. Find out more details and how to register today.

Accessible Customer Service

On Thursday, June 13th at 10:30am, Nora Loyst of Untapped Accessibility will offer a 90 minute training called “Tools for Accessible Customer Service – the CAP Framework,” which stands for Cognitive, Affective, and Physical based on the three domains of Blooms’ Taxonomy. In this session, we will uncover how to use the three domains as a tool to understand the sometimes-hidden demands, expectations, and assumptions we make in our interactions with library patrons who have a disability. [Registration is now closed].

BC Book Blast!

In collaboration with Read Local BC, the “BC Book Blast!” series features the very best of BC published books, with support from the Association of BC Book Publishers. Our next BC BookBlast! will be Wednesday, June 19th at 3pm on Zoom to help celebrate summer reading for kids and youth! Anticipate new BC published books for a younger audience, and ensure that your collection has a local perspective while supporting BC authors. Recordings of past presentations are available below.

Disability Awareness Training

For an alert regarding the next Disability Awareness training with Heather McCain (they/them), the founder of Live Educate Transform Society (LET’S), please add your name to the waitlist form.

BCLA Annual Year-End Keynote

A Year-End Keynote speaker will present on a topic intended to inspire library workers in preparation of a new year. We will make the announcement in November via the Professional Development forum and recommendations can be made within our program suggestion form. Please find recordings of past presenters below.



EDI Strategies in Recruitment Toolkit training

The Equity Diversity Inclusion Strategies in Recruitment Toolkit was built by the contributions of Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour (IBPOC) and project leader, Jessica Whu Lee. This presentation on March 7th, 2024 provided an overview for anyone involved or interested in recruitment in libraries, seeking to get introduced or refreshed on the EDI Toolkit.

Geometric graphic design, and text says EDI strategies in recruitment. Toolkit introduction: Thursday, March 7th 2 - 3pm.


Anti-Racism Training

The Indigenous Allyship and Anti-Racism training was offered on April 4, 2024 by Len Pierre, a Coast Salish educator from Katzie First Nation who was a keynote speaker from the 2023 BC Library Conference. BCLA hosted the session free-of-charge as part of our commitment to anti-racism, and Len gave permission to have the training recorded, available below.

Photo of Len Pierre, a youthful indigenous man wearing a black hoodie with text that reads, Strong, Resilient, Indigenous.


BC Book Blast! Series (2023-present)

In collaboration with Read Local BC and the Association of BC Book Publishers events featuring the latest BC books on a variety of themes and genres will be offered 4-5 times a year.


Year-End Keynote Speaker Series (2023-present)

Our annual Year-End Keynote Speaker Series features a presenter who has come recommended as someone who will inspire and challenge library workers as they prepare for a new year.

Karina Hagelin (December 14, 2023):

Communities of Care: accessible libraries through trauma-informed frameworks and radical empathy

Powerpoint slides

Karina Hagelin photo and the text says Welcome, BCLA will begin the Year-End Keynote event with Karina Hagelin in one moment

Privacy Guidelines and Management

In 2023, the Northwest Library Federation recorded a 3-part webinar series based on The Privacy Guidelines for BC Public Libraries with SFU Privacy Lawyer, Ericka Brimacombe, and Kaitlyn Vecchio has kindly given permission to feature the information here.

Webinar One: For all library staff, covering personal liability, collection / use / disclosure / consent of information, and briefly touches on Privacy Impact Assessments, complaints and breaches.

Webinar Two: Intended for Library Directors and Privacy Officers with close attention to FOI, complaints, breaches, and Privacy Management Program.

Webinar Three: Q&A session including insightful questions, templates, and examples of Records Retention Schedules, etc.

Another great resource is OIPC – Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for BC who have a free suite of PrivacyRight Webinars and host a free, informative session on “Data Privacy Day” on January 30th, as well as customized webinars and training. A helpful video called “The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA): Essentials for your organization” (Feb. 21, 2024) is freely available. Note: this is the organization where you would report a privacy breach.

How to Write a Successful Conference Session Proposal

Crafting a successful conference session proposal takes skill! Check out the recording of our information session below:

PDF of slides from information session

Libraries in the Global Arena Series (2021)

The Libraries in the Global Arena Series focused on the role of libraries in effectively addressing the climate crisis, featuring Seth Klein and Rachel Malena-Chan.