On behalf of The Partnership, Canada’s national network of provincial and territorial library associations, BCLA is pleased to share that the Partnership Job Board now requires all job postings to include compensation information (either a precise amount or a salary range). This change is the result of reflection and listening, and is motivated by several factors:

  1. Advancing equity – research has shown that racial and gender bias have an impact on salary negotiation, resulting in lower compensation for women and Indigenous, Black, and racialized people. Employment and salary statistics indicate this is also true for people with disabilities. Requiring compensation information is one way to help counteract these inequities.
  2. Feedback – we heard from many job seekers that this was the biggest change they wanted to see in the Partnership Job Board.
  3. Saving the time of employers and candidates – including compensation information can streamline the recruitment process by ensuring candidate expectations and compensation ranges are aligned from the beginning, rather than discovering a mismatch at the end of the process when salary negotiations begin. In addition, the reality is that much of this information is available online via official Statements of Financial Information and sites like Glassdoor and Linkedin, or even via word of mouth.
  4. Pay transparency is becoming the norm – changing societal norms and new legislation are creating increased expectation, or even requirement, for pay transparency. More and more non-profit job boards are requiring compensation information, and job seekers will not apply to a job posting that does not include salary. Recent legislative examples requiring some form of compensation transparency range from Canada’s introduction of pay transparency in federally regulated workplaces to Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.

This decision is aligned with our values and will best serve our members and community as we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive library sector.

Please contact Rina Hadziev, BCLA Executive Director, with any questions.