It’s our pleasure to introduce the 2022/2023 BCLA Board of Directors:

Todd Mundle, President
Tracey Therrien, Incoming President
Donald Taylor, Treasurer
Sarah Felkar, Incoming Treasurer
Alyssa Green, Director-at-Large
Jorge Cárdenas, Director-at-Large
Sajni Lacey, Director-at-Large
Shideh Taleban, Director-at-Large
Karleen Delaurier-Lyle, BCALS Chair
Rhiannon Wallace, YAACS President

On behalf of BCLA members, Board, and staff, we’d also like to recognize our outgoing Board members:

Anne O’Shea, Treasurer
Lindsay Tripp, Director-at-Large
Natalie Porter, Director-at-Large
Sajni Lacey, BCALS Chair
Kate Wood, YAACS President

Thank you to all of our Board members for your commitment and service to the Association and the library sector.