British Columbia Library Association

Past Conferences

2018   Work + Culture (Richmond)
Keynotes: Amal Rana, Sandra Mathison, Chris Bourg

2017   Seek. Spark. Ignite. (Vancouver)
Keynotes: Khelsilem, Anita Sarkeesian

2016   Disrupt & Transform (Richmond)
Keynotes: Cory Doctorow, Harsh Walia

2015   Creative Communities (Richmond)
Keynotes: Veda Hille, Wayde Compton

2014   Hello World (Vancouver)
Keynotes: Ivan Coyote, Marian Bantjes, Arundhati Roy

2013   Are We There Yet? (Richmond)
Keynotes: Lev Grossman, Joe Janes

2012   Licence to Read (Richmond)
Keynotes: Joel Bakan, Ingrid Parent, Dr. Michael Geist

2011   Celebrating a Century of Association (Victoria)
Keynote: Paul Whitney

   Seriously Entertaining: Learning Through Fun & Games (Penticton)
Keynote: Tim Ellison

2009   Be Curious: Think, Share, Discover (Burnaby)
Keynotes: Michael Stephens, Henry Yu

2008   Off the shelf & out of the box: Creativity in libraries (Richmond)
Keynote: Fred Kent

2007   Beyond 20/20: Envisioning the Future (Burnaby)
Keynote: Steven Berlin Johnson

2006   Sharing a Vision: The Power of Collaboration (Burnaby)
Keynote: Glen Murray

2005   From scrolls to eBooks: the story continues… (Burnaby)
Keynote: Joel Bakan

2004   Joint with CLA: Celebrating Our Community: Sharing Our Values ~ Sharing Our Value (Victoria)
Keynotes: Michael Gorman, Bill Richardson

2003   Hot Ideas! (Harrison Hot Springs)
Keynote: Mike Eisenberg

2002   Trek to Technology? (Whistler)
Keynote: Michael Gorman

2001   A Learning Odyssey (Burnaby)
Keynote: Lotsee Patterson

2000   Celebrating Excellence (Kelowna)
Keynote: Ken Haycock

1999   Imagination in Action (Richmond)
Keynote: Kaycee Hale

1998   Joint
Keynote: John Ralston Saul

1997   Vital Connections: Libraries & Communities (Surrey)
Keynote: Rex Murphy

1996   Ensuring Our Future: Libraries Working Together  (Whistler)
Keynote: Roch Carrier

1995   Putting People First (Victoria)
Keynote: Elizabeth Marinez

1994   Joint with CLA (Vancouver)

1993   Bridging the Gap (Pentiction)
Keynote: Herbert S. White

1992   Making the Connection (Whistler)
Keynote: Ray Spaxman

1991   In the Human Cause (Vancouver)
Keynote: Ursula Franklin

1990   Working in Interesting Times (Victoria)
Keynote: Alan Borovoy

1989   Building Linkages (Penticton)
Keynotes: Margaret Chisholm, Sharon Wood