As part of the $20M in 2020 campaign the BC Public Library Partners want to demonstrate the many ways that BC public libraries support government, specifically the provincial poverty reduction strategy. (if you haven’t read the read the strategy here’s a link).

We’re asking for you to send us examples of how your library supports poverty reduction in your community. This could be about programs, services, use of space, whatever comes to mind.

For example,  the library provides free BC Summer Reading Club programs to help offset the cost of summer camps and other types of paid programming for children. (for an example like this include details of the program being offered). Your library offers free space to community groups that wouldn’t otherwise be able to rent community space. (include names of groups using space)

Please be as specific as you can in your examples.

We are interested in your personal experiences as well as institutional experience!

Don’t be shy about sharing stories that you think others are already aware of. We’ve come to understand that what may seem obvious to people working in libraries is not always obvious to government.

We will be compiling your stories from across BC and sharing them in an edited fashion with the government. This will be part of our campaign to see library funding increased to $20M in 2020.

Please send your stories and examples to [email protected] by Friday July 26th.

Thanks for your support! Together we work for libraries!



Sent on behalf of the BC public Library Partners

The Partners are comprised of the BC Library Association, the BC Libraries Cooperative, the Association of BC Public library Directors and the BC Library Trustees Association


Annette DeFaveri

Executive Director

British Columbia Library Association