It is with pleasure that we provide you with the Provincial Digital Library (PDL) Symposium May 10th report. Thanks to all of you for an engaging conversation!

A consolidated document that captures the key ideas discussed on that day may be found on a website dedicated to the PDL. Please feel free to share the report broadly to generate more ideas and energy for the initiative.

The May 10th planning committee would like to thank NikNaz Kahnamoui and Amanda Gibbs for their excellent work in facilitating the May 10th symposium.  Please contact members of the planning committee listed below with questions.

Thank you,

Tim Atkinson , BC ELN PDL Resource Group | Vancouver Island University

Jenny Benedict, ABCPLD Chair | West Vancouver Public Library

Anita Cocchia, BC ELN Executive Director | BC ELN

Caroline Daniels, BCLA Past President | Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Christina de Castell, Vancouver Public Library

Annette DeFaveri, BCLA Executive Director | BCLA

Ben Hyman, BCLC Executive Director | BC Libraries Cooperative

Shirley Lew,  Vancouver Community College

Debbie Schachter, CPSLD Chair | Douglas College

Bronwen Sprout, University of British Columbia

Dave Stewart, Royal BC Museum