Climate Action Week


The BC Library Association is partnering with BC libraries on Climate Action Week (Friday Sept 23 – Thursday Sept 29, 2022) to focus on the climate change related challenges and emergencies facing our communities. Our goal is to raise awareness, answer our communities’ growing needs, and articulate clearly that libraries are places to connect people and access resources on climate change.

Climate Action Week (CAW) is driven by libraries and library staff like you! We invite you to express any initiatives in your local library or GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) organization. We hope this will become an annual initiative everywhere.

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Our Logo

The Climate Action Week logo can have a unique meaning to every person: the haze of wildfire smoke against the sun, sunshine reflecting off of the water, heat distortions rising during a heat wave, or even the shapes of fish or whales! The colours are inspired by the #ShowYourStripes data visualization showing changes in global annual temperatures from 1850-present.


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