Many of you are interested in the issues and discussions around Bill C-51 and the proposed changes being considered, or not being considered. There are many concerns about C-51 from access by telecom companies to personal communications data to law enforcement without a warrant.

BCLA has partnered with OpenMedia several times in the past to help add additional voices and express our support for preserving an open internet, as well as supporting issues to do with preserving privacy, addressing censorship, and developing ongoing free and open access to information.

OpenMedia has developed a tool to collect and send individual views on Public Safety Canada’s consultation in to C-51 and any resulting legislation that repeals C-51. When you follow the link to the document you can click in the Answer Boxes and will see key points that you can use to build your answers. There are 7 questions to answer. At the bottom of the page are a collection of links that are also helpful and informative.

To support OpenMedia and to express your views on the changes needed to C-51 please click on the OpenMedia LINK https://SaveOurSecurity.ca

The consultation ends on December 1st, 2016.


Thanks All,



Annette DeFaveri

Executive Director

British Columbia Library Association