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BCLA Virtual Meet-ups

In addition to the Association’s Sections, Committees, and Interest Groups (SCIGs), online forum, and mentorship opportunities, BCLA is piloting a monthly virtual meet-up as an informal way to connect with library peers, especially for those who may be isolated, perhaps due to location, community, library system, or field of librarianship, etc.

A “Friendly Friday” lunch-time series was launched in 2024, and is hosted on the last Friday of the month when possible.

If you have any accessibility needs to attend this meet-up, please contact Natalie Porter, BCLA Professional Development Coordinator in advance and BCLA will do our best to support you.

BCLA expects anyone attending virtual meet-ups to honour the Online Community Guidelines, to help create a positive environment that values accountability, respect, and a willingness to learn from each other.