BCLA is pleased to share the recording of the 2023 Conference Keynote: Striving to Become and Anti-racist Organization, as well as the presenters’ slides.  We wanted to ensure everyone could access this session, whether or not you attended conference.

BCLA is working toward becoming an anti-racist organization. In order to move forward, it’s important for us to understand and acknowledge our past and current state, centring the experiences of IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour) members of the library community. The Commons Consulting, working with BCLA Board, staff, and an advisory group drawn from the library community, conducted a survey to determine where BCLA has been and where we are now, and to help inform what our next steps should be.

This session outlines the work done thus far, including the survey development process, themes and insights from the data, and what comes next. We hope this session offers different things for different people: some will find mirrors, reflecting your experiences, while others will find windows offering new insight and understanding into the experiences of others. We hope we all find sliding glass doors, as together we begin to envision and move toward an anti-racist future for BCLA and the library community.