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Anti-Racism Project Advisory Group Terms of Reference

1  Purpose + Mandate

1.1 The BC Library Association (BCLA) Project Advisory Group (hereafter referred to as “the PAG”) is established as the main advisory body for BCLA’s Anti-Racism Current State Assessment, which will be part of BCLA’s long-term goal of becoming an anti-racist organization per resolution from BCLA members and the BCLA Board of Directors. The primary mandate of the PAG is to provide guidance to The Commons Consulting as they design and carry out the deliverables of the Anti-Racism Current State Assessment by providing feedback on the development of the following:

1.1.1 A community consultation process through a survey and conversations with key knowledge holders to gather information about members and the current state of the sector. Focus will be on understanding the demographic makeup of current members and the experiences of IBPOC and other historically, persistently, and systemically marginalized communities.

1.1.2 A final report summarizing key findings from the community consultation, including current state evaluation and gap analysis.

1.2  The terms of reference will be reviewed at every other meeting to ensure contents continue to be relevant to the work of the committee.


 The Committee membership was determined through an open call out to all members of the BC Library community. The search process was led by The Commons Consulting in June 2022.

3 The project advisory group is comprised of the following BCLA members:

  • Laurie Angus
  • Josh Chan
  • Aditi Gupta
  • Emily Guerrero
  • Christian Isbister
  • Sajni Lacey
  • Dalia Levy
  • Courtney Miller
  • Sarah Tarcea
  • Abi Ward
  • Rina Hadziev, Executive Director, BC Library Association (Project Sponsor)
  • Todd Mundle, President, BC Library Association
  • Tracey Therrien, Incoming-President, BC Library Association

3. 1 Diversity of Membership – we strive to achieve diverse membership that is reflective of BCLA’s commitment to social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Members of the PAG representing the BC library community were selected to ensure the composition of the PAG included a mix of perspectives, skills, expertise, and different lived experiences including those with visible and invisible group affiliation with historically, systemically, and persistently marginalized peoples.

3.2 We acknowledge that equity and social justice work is disproportionately carried out by and is reliant on the unpaid labour of Black, Indigenous, Racialized, Queer, Trans, Non-Binary, 2SLGBTQIA+, Persons with Disabilities and/or Neurodiversities, and other historically, persistently, and/or systemically marginalized individuals.

4 Roles and Responsibilities

4.1 Chair – the Project Lead will act as Chair (in the absence of the Project Lead another member of the Consulting team will step into the role), and is responsible for the following at Committee meetings:

1) Calling the meeting to order;
2) Establishing an agenda and ensuring agenda items are addressed;
3) Facilitating discussion to reach clarity and understanding on matters under consideration; and
4) Adjourning meetings after business is concluded.

4.2 Administrative Support – The Chair shall receive administrative support from BCLA. Duties shall include:

a) Assisting the Chair with preparation of Committee meeting agendas and distributing notification of meetings;
b) Ensuring follow up of Committee action items;
c) Information gathering;
d) Distribution of meeting materials;
e) Minute taking; and
f) Maintaining Committee records

4.3 Members – All members will act in accordance with the Trauma Informed Meeting Guidelines to the best of their ability.

5  Length of Tenure

Membership in the Committee will be held for the duration of the project life cycle. The term of appointment will end no later than  September 30, 2023 unless one of the following occurs:

a) The individual no longer holds the position noted under Membership;
b) The term of the appointment ends;
c) The appointment is rescinded by the appointer; or
d) The individual resigns from the Committee.

6  Meetings

6.1  Frequency of Meetings: The Committee shall meet on a monthly basis, or subject to the decision of the Chair in consultation with Members.
6.2  Agenda: Agenda items should be sent to the Committee Chair at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. The agenda should be prepared and distributed to the members of the Committee prior to the meeting.
6.3  Quorum: As the Committee is mainly a discussion and advisory group, a quorum is not required to hold a meeting.
6.4  Virtual Meetings: Meetings will be virtual using ZOOM unless otherwise noted at least 48 hours in advance by the Chair.

 7  Expenses

All Committee related expenses must be pre-authorized by either the Chair or the Project Sponsor.

8  Confidentiality

Individual attributions and anecdotes shared during meetings are confidential. All general business of the Committee is public knowledge except when determined by the Project Advisory Group.

9  Opinions Disclaimer

Views and opinions expressed in all communications will only be attributed to BCLA and members of the Project Advisory Group. Members of the Project advisory group do not represent the views of the public or private libraries in which they may be currently employed or affiliated with.