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4With the delicious tactile feel and quality of a Moleskin, the BC SRC notebook is lovely to hold, easy to open and use, appropriate for an adult, but also fun for a child. Celebrating 25 years of the BC Summer Reading Club, each notebook is filled with a selection of wonderful BC SRC art; each piece created specifically by a BC artist for the SRC. With a smooth grey cover, a ribbon to mark your place, and an elastic to keep it neatly closed, this notebook is absolutely beautiful. But never fear, this notebook is not one of those nice-but-too-nice-to-use notebooks! There’s plenty of space for the owner to plan their day, keep lists, journal thoughts, write songs, poems and stories, or just scribble down ideas as inspiration strikes.

The BC SRC Notebook is a beautiful and useful gift for friends and relatives, library colleagues and board members, as a show of library appreciation for Mayors, Councillors, Ministers, and other local government members. And of course, you’ll want one for yourself. (Happily, when you order a box, you’ll receive 16 notebooks for the price of 15!) Support your organization and take care of your gift list all at the same time — now that’s good planning!