British Columbia Library Association

BCLA Values Statement

The British Columbia Library Association (BCLA) builds partnerships and relationships between libraries, governments, and community organizations. Our goal is to advance the values of the Association and to promote a widespread understanding of the benefits of library and information services.

These values are the foundation of the Association and the building blocks of our future.

Access and Inclusion

BCLA advocates for libraries and library services for all British Columbians. This includes barrier-free facilities, resources, and open and equitable access to library services. The Association believes that people, communities, and organizations need universal and equitable access to information, ideas, and works of imagination for their social, cultural, educational, democratic, and economic well-being.

Intellectual Freedom

BCLA upholds the principles and objectives of intellectual freedom—including the right to seek, receive, hold, and disseminate information from all points of view—as an essential tenet of a democratic society.

Innovation and Creativity

BCLA is committed to analysing, supporting, and participating in the ongoing evolution of libraries and library services. Members are supported to develop new skills, to stay current on library issues, and to develop innovative approaches to advance library services and thinking.


BCLA supports inclusive environments in the profession, the Association, and the community by promoting the equitable provision of library resources and services as determined by the needs of library users and by supporting members to achieve their professional goals.

Literacy and Lifelong Learning

BCLA supports a broad range of literacies and the continued pursuit of professional and personal learning to enhance the ability of its members and community members to participate meaningfully in an information-based profession and society.


BCLA maintains open and transparent business practises demonstrating responsible use of Association resources to support the Association’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan.