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BCLA Values Statement

updated April 2nd, 2019

BCLA Values guide the work of the Association, help determine the Association’s priorities, and provide the building blocks of our advocacy, professional development and community engagement.

Inclusion & Diversity

BCLA promotes inclusive and equitable libraries, collections and communities.

Intellectual Freedom

BCLA upholds the right to seek, receive, hold and disseminate information from all points of view.  

Social Responsibility

BCLA promotes the social good by advocating for policies and resources that support individual and institutional members in addressing barriers in their communities.

Intellectual & Ethical Integrity

BCLA supports the development of individual perspectives on critical issues and believes that open and transparent dialogue is essential to the development of relevant services.

Creativity and Critical Thinking

BCLA values curiosity, reflection, and critical thinking.

Lifelong Learning

BCLA is committed to professional development and the ongoing evolution of library and information services.

Privacy and Confidentiality

BCLA advocates for robust privacy protections within libraries and society at large.