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Association of Book Publishers of BC

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BCLA is a proud partner of the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (ABPBC) and a supporter of Read Local BC.


MOU between ABPBC and BCLA

BCLA President Anne Olsen is pleased to announce that the Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) and BCLA have signed an MOU signalling a new and collaborative partnership.

Together both Associations will celebrate and promote BC publishers and authors and will support librarians and library staff across the province to develop their knowledge of BC publisher’s books. Additionally the MOU indicates that both signatories will work together to advance and endorse the BC Summer Reading Club.

With the signing of the MOU both Associations look forward to contributing to an even more vibrant and engaged BC literary community and to contributing collaboratively to the knowledge sector. Some important details of the MOU include:

  • BCLA and ABPBC will hold a BC publisher’s event in conjunction with the annual BCLA spring conference.
  • BCLA will work with ABPBC to promote and distribute booklists that support BC Summer Reading Club and showcase the breadth and depth of BC children’s publishing.
  • ABPBC will include BC SRC promotion on appropriate social media platforms and will include the BCLA logo announcing “Proud Supporter of BC SRC”.
  • BCLA will acknowledge the support of ABPBC (or Read Local BC, as appropriate) and include their logo on the BCLA webpage.
  • ABPBC and BCLA each commit to providing one $500 grant to ensure that rural library staff have some of their expenses covered and thus are able to attend the publisher’s event at the BC Library Conference in May.

Our intention is to work with ABPBC and with the Libraries Branch to mount an event announcing the formal signing of the MOU and to help launch BC Library Month, in October 2017. We will share more information with the library community as we firm up plans.

We hope you are all as excited as we are to be working with the ABPBC for our joint benefit!

Best regards,

Anne Olsen

BCLA President and Board Chair

Annette DeFaveri

BCLA Executive Director